Honourary Members

In recognition of an individual's contribution to the municipal field, the Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick may bestow to that person an Honourary Membership.

Regional Representatives of the Board of Directors or Association member can submit to the Membership Committee the name(s) of a member(s) in their respective regions for Honourary Membership. At a meeting, the Committee will review the submission(s) and follow outlined procedures.


In order to recognize an individual's contribution to the municipal field, that person may be granted an Honourary Membership.
Honourary membership would be granted to an individual in accordance with the following criteria:
a) The recipient is an individual who may promote or advance the Association;
b) A person of renown and distinction who has made a major contribution in the field of municipal administration in New Brunswick.
c) A predetermined number of memberships is allowed per year.
The Membership Committee will make its recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Katherine d'Entremont  -  2008
Ken Galbraith   -   2003

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