Life Members

In recognition of an individual's contribution to the municipal field, the Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick may bestow to that person a Life Membership.

Regional Representatives of the Board of Directors or Association member can submit to the Membership Committee the name(s) of a member(s) in their respective regions for Life Membership. At a meeting, the Committee will review the submission(s) and follow outlined procedures.


In order to recognize a member's contribution upon his her retirement, that person may be granted a Life Membership.


Life membership is granted to an individual in accordance with the following criteria:

a)The recipient has been a member in good standing of the association for at least ten (10) years or is a charter member; b)The recipient has helped the advancement of the Association; c)The recipient has retired from the municipal or education field.


a)Association members can submit the name(s) of a member(s) for Life Membership by sending a Letter of Recommendation to the Membership Committee;


b)The letter will include a brief biography of the individual(s) and contain at least two (2) letters of sponsorship signed by members in good standing of the Association;


c)The Membership Committee will review the submission(s) and make its recommendations to the Board of Directors;


d)Upon approval of the Board of Directors, the AMANB shall invite the recipient(s) to the next Annual Conference and defray cost of the banquet meal for the recipient(s) and guest at the banquet;


e)The Life membership award will be presented to the recipient(s) at the Association s Annual Conference. If the recipient(s) is unable to attend the Annual Conference, the award shall be sent to the individual(s).


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