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Thomas L. Everett, a highly respected municipal administrator and one of the founding fathers of the Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick (AMANB), is the patron for this award that recognizes the exceptional achievement of a person who has shown distinctive leadership in local government administration in New Brunswick or who has made a significant contribution in the field of local government administration by writings or other endeavours.

The award pays tribute to local government employees whose career exhibits the highest standard of excellence, dedication, and accomplishment.  It seeks to provide recognition of an outstanding individual and to underscore the need for creative, highly motivated, and skilled individuals in the local government sector.  The award recognizes outstanding contributions to local government as a result of any single or sustained exceptional public service deed.


The award is open to current or former members of the AMANB.  The nominee must have a minimum of 10 years as a member of the AMANB and be (or have been) a member in good standing.

Executive members of the AMANB are not eligible to receive the award while holding office on the Board of the AMANB.

Service in any field of local government administration, including work of an administrative or professional nature, is considered relevant.


1.   Nominations may be in French or English, in electronic format, and submitted prior to April 15th of that particular year.

2.   Nominations must include the following elements:

The Selection Committee will make its judgement solely on the basis of the information received and will not seek additional information about the nominee.  It will, however, follow up with the nominator should one of the four elements from the nomination package be missing.

3.   A minimum of 85 points is required to receive the Award of Excellence.  The individual with the highest score will receive the award for that particular year at the Annual Conference and, in the case of a tie, two awards will be bestowed.

      Nominations with a score of 85 and above that were not selected for that particular year will be kept and considered in the following year.  The nominators will be contacted and provided an opportunity to update the submission.

4.   Nominations received will be reviewed by the Selection Committee consisting of:

5.   Members of the Selection Committee shall not be eligible for nomination or to nominate individuals.

6.   All nominee information submitted will be kept strictly confidential unless the nominee is selected to receive the award.


Recipients of the award will have demonstrated unusual distinction in the following five categories:

Leadership Skills

The nominee exhibits an exceptional level of professionalism and leadership in their discipline by:


Management Excellence

The nominee must demonstrate an outstanding ability to communicate effectively with Council, staff, the public, and government stakeholders to plan, prepare, and deliver information; and establish and maintain a positive rapport with all parties.

Integrity and Respect

Strategic Thinking

Innovation and Creativity

The nominee demonstrates a strong commitment to developing and incorporating innovative practices in local government administration.  He/she exhibits versatility in responding to needs and day-to-day activities; including problem solving, development, and the demonstration of an exceptional ability to affect and adapt positively to change.  The nominee promotes improvement in local government administration and community through their initiatives and accomplishments.

Accomplishments and Impact on Public Service

The Award of Excellence rewards continued success in a wide range of accomplishments related to local government through writings or other endeavours.  The nominee’s achievements should show evidence of growth and increased scope over the years.

The nominee is held in high regard by their municipality, peers, and community.  He/she has an ethical standard beyond reproach and goes above and beyond in their dedication and service to others, in addition to devoting time and energy to making a positive difference to their profession and community.  The individual demonstrates continuous involvement in their community through participation in volunteer groups and/or local initiatives.

Professional Development and Best Practices in Local Government Administration

The nominee demonstrates a commitment to remaining up to date on legislation, policy, and best practices related to local government administration.  He/she remains current by participating in professional developmental opportunities on a regular basis.

The nominee demonstrates a broad range of skills and is involved in a variety of activities that enhance and promote the values, skills, and knowledge base of local government.

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